Daughter of Enceladus moon; an embodiment of both the darkness and the light beneath the lunar frost, a galactic descendant on turquoise terrain as a follower of Allah.

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Taking a painting break: about to watch Twixt. There’s always time for Gothic horror.

AREA di Barbara Bologna - “Genesis” - S/S 2013

"Be not of those who curse Iblis in public yet obey him in private."


Umar ibn Abdul Aziz

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Charles Negre

A.F. Vandevorst S/S 2012

The hanging rope is such a unique and creative touch.

Richard Serra, Strike to Roberta and Rudy

Spent hours in class learning about this guy and his steel wall art. He was my prof’s favourite.

Gates of al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Madinah, Saudi Arabia)
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Guinevere Van Seenus by James Houston | urban nomad/wastelands/shaman…

Rhodochrosite - Potosi Mine, West Camp, Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua, Mexico

by Lukas Furlan

Mónica Trastoy

"God writes spiritual mysteries on our heart, where they wait silently for discovery."


Jalal ad-Deen Rumi (Molavi)

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